Easing into the Earth

Archaic Wings and Chirps disrupt the Leaves operatically,
Cacophonies of Blowing Air split the Modern Sky.

Bristles of the Grass sit in the Wind’s Currents,
while Daughters of the Trees dress in Leopard Prints
before agreeing to meet at the Powdery Blue.

Smell of Dew after a Night Out with the Rain
brushes the Body in Gusts with a Cool Hand
and allows for Dust to Kiss the Lips.

A Glowing Star of a Thousand Spears
evades the Space in between the Leaves and Trees
to ironically defend the Peace of Nature.

Rays penetrate with Deep Warmth into
the Luminous Soul of a Core.

Being as it was Before,
Ease the Senses and Revert to the Original.